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Becoming Your Best Self

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Did you know that September is National Self Improvement Month? The Eclipse at 1450 Blog is here to share a few tips to help you on your journey towards becoming your best self! Use these tips to improve your life here in Mt. Prospect, IL, in or out of your apartment. 


Prioritize sleep.

Sometimes it seems like there’s not enough time in the day for all the good and fun things we need or want to do. While there’s some truth to that, it’s even more important to remember that these things shouldn’t come at the cost of your health or rest. Sleep helps your brain work properly and improves emotional and overall health and well-being, so get your sheets cleaned, pillows fluffed, and sleeping area clear of clutter so you can rejuvenate with quality rest.


Replace bad habits with good ones.

Bad habits are hard to kick, so don’t beat yourself up or give up entirely if you slip and go back to your old ways occasionally. Focus on improving each day and establishing healthy habits instead. Reward yourself occasionally and try to keep your eye on a lifestyle change for lasting effects. And don’t dismiss getting professional help if needed! It may change your life for the better.


Practice healthy coping mechanisms.

How you cope with the struggles of life has an impact on your mental and physical health and even on your finances or relationships with other people. Do your best to take control of how you respond to the stressors of life by learning about healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and making a concerted effort to move past any unhealthy ones and to try healthy ones.


Take care of your body.

Show your body some love this month and always by giving it the care it needs. This looks different for everyone, so evaluate your needs and take small but regular steps to progress. Include a better balance of nutritious foods in your daily diet. Add a bit of exercise to your day, whether that’s a morning stretch, a midday walk around your office building, or a more intense workout at the gym. Every little bit helps you feel strong and awake and establishes healthy habits for lifelong improvement.