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Dressing for Summer: How to Stay Cool

A woman's summer outfit laid out on a wooden background

Welcome back to The Eclipse at 1450 Blog! In our last post, we highlighted a few of our favorite summer smoothie recipes to help you stay cool. Today we are sharing some tips for dressing in the summer to help you stay cool while out and about around Mt. Prospect, IL. Put our tips into practice to feel more comfortable in the summer heat.  


Skip the Layering

Layering is fun, but in the summer, we have to find a different way to show off our style. Try something more minimalist! Keep it simple with basic colors and numbers of pieces. The last thing you want is to get dressed in your layers and look great, but to be absolutely miserable wearing your outfit because it’s hot and uncomfortable. In this case, you have to be careful about picking the right kind of pieces to have a stripped down, comfortable, stylish look. It can be a challenge, but you can do it!


Pick the Right Fabrics

Understanding the different kinds of fabrics is important for knowing how to dress for the summer. Opt for lighter, more breathable fabrics. Some examples of these types of fabrics are cotton, linen, and chambray (a type of cotton). Your body will thank you! These fabrics are breathable, which allows the wind to cool your body and wicks sweat away from your body. Learn, though, about the downsides of these fabrics so you can do what you can to prevent them from spoiling your look! Cotton shrinks and linen gets wrinkled quick, so buyer beware!


Accessorize Wisely

Accessories are a great way to add that extra something to an outfit. For summer, you could try wearing a nice, breathable hat to shade you from the harsh sun, or you could invest in a great pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful sunlight. Accessorizing wisely will not only make your outfits stand out, but it will also make enduring the summer sun just a little easier!


Do you have any clothing tips for the summer time? Share them with our apartment community by leaving a comment!