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Laundry Day Tips

Person on their phone at a laundrymat

Laundry is an unavoidable part of life, but there are ways to make this chore more bearable. Today on The Eclipse at 1450 Blog, we are sharing 5 laundry tips to save you time and keep your clothes in the best possible shape. Be sure to take advantage of our on-site laundry facilities here at our Mt. Prospect apartment community!


Wash your things on delicates.

Refresh yourself on the specific care instructions of each item that requires anything special. Look at the tags on the item and make a list of things that need special care. Hang that list up in your laundry area so you can refer to it as you’re completing your chores. Another hack, however, is to simply wash all (or most) of your things on the “delicates” cycle. This can take away some of the wear that comes from a rough cycle and can improve the longevity of your items. Most things (besides towels) will do fine washed on “delicates.”


Get a bag for your socks. 

If you’ve ever lost a sock in the laundry, think about using a mesh lingerie bag. These make it easy to keep all your socks in one place. Just put the socks inside the bag and toss it into the washer and dryer. Then you don’t have to worry about sorting through the clean clothes looking for matching pairs. 


Pre-treat your items.

This is a given, but it’s easy to dismiss as unimportant. But you don’t have to bear with a stain staying around on a forever-ruined piece of clothing if you treat the stain as soon as possible. First, remove the foreign substance. Then wipe or dab at the stain with a cloth soaked in cold water. Then wash with soap or a stain remover, including an option from this Stain Solutions Guide.


Use baking soda.

Baking soda is a great product to stock up on in your apartment. Try these 36 personal care and cleaning uses for baking soda to revolutionize your day. We suggest keeping it also on hand for deodorizing clothes and shoes and for treating grease and liquid stains.


Do laundry more frequently. 

Sometimes the pile of dirty clothes is so overwhelming that it makes laundry day a nightmare. Dividing up the laundry during the week can make laundry day less stressful and much faster. If you’re having trouble getting all of your laundry done, try mixing up your routine by spreading the chore throughout the week. You might be surprised by the result.